Find out more about our Water mains, groundworks and self-lay services and see what we can do for you.


Supply Pipe

We specialise in working with developers and contractors, creating the infrastructure that will connect properties to the mains supply. We can an also replace supply pipes that hav...  more  

Water Mains

At Versatile Utilities we install water mains systems. Our team will work quickly and effectively to create the essential infrastructure that will keep your homes running. We will ...  more  


As an approved WIRS self-lay provider we can perform all types of work on your water infrastructure. Our accreditation means there is no need for water companies to certify the wor...  more  

No Dig Technology

Advances in technology mean that we can repair, inspect and install pipes, cables and ducts without excavating your grounds. If your pipework has suffered a crack or fracture, we c...  more  

Fusion Welding

Fusion welding is a method for connecting pipes together. There are a number of available options including arc fusion and electro fusion. We will discuss your needs and identify t...  more  

Pressure Testing and Chlorination

Versatile Utilities can undertake all pressure tests in accordance with regulations and provide you with necessary certification. We can also complete all chlorination, discharge a...  more