Authorised self lay provider

As an authorised self lay provider, all of our engineers at Versatile Utilities are WIAPS trained. We will work around the clock and on weekends if necessary, to ensure your project is delivered within your allocated timeframes. We offer a complete turnkey solution and will take care of each detail including highway management.

When a new development requires the installation of a new water main, you have two options to choose from. You can either ask a water company to do the pipework installation or you can choose to use a contractor to do the pipework instead, this is known as self-lay. With the latter option, once the work is complete and meets the terms of its agreement with the developer or the organisation that completed the self-lay work, the water company will then take over responsibility for self-laid pipes.

Using a self lay provider such as Versatile Utilities is generally preferable because it may be possible to provide a time and money-saving option. Which in turn can provide much better coordination of infrastructure provision.


Process for using a self lay provider

The 9 step process for using a self lay provider is set out in stages below. Either the self-lay provider or the developer can manage the process.

Advanced enquiry

The water company must be contacted by either the developer or the self-lay provider so they can do a technical evaluation of the development. This will allow the water company to confirm its ability to supply the proposed development. The water company will also specify the point of connection for the project at this stage.


At this stage, a full application will need to be made by either the self lay provider or the developer. A completed application form along with all necessary information will be submitted to the relevant water company.


At this stage, either the self lay provider or the developer needs to submit a completed design of the new water infrastructure to the relevant water company to be vetted. Alternatively, a request can be submitted for the new water infrastructure to be designed by the water company.

Also, at this stage, the water company will send the developer or self-lay company an estimated asset payment, along with non-contestable charges, security and a legal agreement.

Self-lay notification

Once the pre-start meeting, the return of a signed legal agreement and the payments of all relevant charges have been completed, the self lay provider or the developer can submit a notification to the water company to allow them to start laying the mains.

Main-laying installation

At this point in the process, the self lay provider will begin constructing new water mains for the development. They will also need to keep the water company up to date of any changes and the intended dates for the disinfection and testing. The water company will audit and inspect the construction and on occasion will witness the testing.

Main-laying completion

During this stage, the self lay provider will complete the main-laying to the specifications required and also rectifies any defects that may have been found during the water company's audit and inspection. The self lay provider will then provide test certificates and ‘as laid' drawings to the water company. The main connection will then be arranged by the water company along with the asset payment and vesting certificate. 

Service connection notification

The self lay provider or developer will now submit a notification to lay services in line with the self-lay arrangements laid out by the water company. The notification will only be issued once the self-lay provider or developer has confirmed the pipework has been self-certified as meeting water supply regulations.

Service connection installation

The service connections will be made by the self-lay provider at this stage in line with the notification that was previously issued. The self lay provider will also need to either install water meters or request that the water company does the installations for them. The self lay provider then needs to provide the water company with details of all connections along with the postcodes and the meter details if the installation was done by them. 

Protection of installed apparatus

During the final stage, the self-lay provider or the developer will ensure that all installation work is properly protected against potential damage until the development is fully completed.


A self-lay provider must always be approved by the water company before any work is carried out. However self-lay providers can become accredited under the water industry registration scheme (WIRSAP) to avoid the need to comply with the requirements of the 22 separate water companies. This scheme is recognised by all water companies in the U.K. 

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