Fusion Welding



Fusion Welding

At Versatile Utilities we are skilled in all types of fusion welding including rising mains. This enables us to weld and connect materials of similar compositions including, butt fusion from 63mm to 900mm and electro fusion from 20mm to 900mm. All of our engineers have the necessary qualifications and are experienced in joining various pipework.

We also offer pressure testing and chlorination to ensure all of your modified pipework is in good working order.

 Fusion Welding, Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire

 Fusion Welding Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire



Water Mains


No Dig Technology

    Fusion Welding

Pressure Testing and Chlorination

Electrical Connections

Gas Connections





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Contact us at Versatile Utilities, if you are looking for a reliable self-lay provider, Independent Connection Provider, and gas utility infrastructure provider for your development in London and the Home Counties.

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