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Versatile Utilities is a multi-disciplined civil engineering, utility contractor and self-lay provider specialising in groundwork, water mains and water networks. We offer a range of services including the replacement of infrastructure, specialised reinstatement and communications ducting.

We are covered by extensive public liability insurance, and accredited by a number of regulatory bodies including WIRS, CHAS and Achilles. We have a qualified, skilled and experienced team who have been carrying out water services in Hertfordshire, London and the Home Counties for over 15 years.

If you would like to book a consultation to discuss your needs in detail, please contact us at Versatile Utilities on   01727 827879


supply pipe and Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire


Supply Pipe

We specialise in working with developers and contractors, creating the infrastructure that will connect properties to the mains supply. We can also replace supply pipes that have suffered leaks or damage. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to ensure your project is completed within its deadline.

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water mains and Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire


Water Mains

At Versatile Utilities we install water mains systems. Our team will work quickly and effectively to create the essential infrastructure that will keep your homes running. We will ensure work proceeds smoothly through water shutdowns, notifications and traffic management. We also offer a fault finding and repair service if you require this.

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Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire



As an approved WIRS self-lay provider we can perform all types of work on your water infrastructure. Our accreditation means there is no need for water companies to certify the work, and this ensures lower costs for your project.


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Do gig technology, Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire


No Dig Technology

Advances in technology mean that we can repair, inspect and install pipes, cables and ducts without excavating your grounds. If your pipework has suffered a crack or fracture, we can save you time and money through a relatively simple no-dig relining.

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Fusion welding Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire


Fusion Welding

Fusion welding is a method for connecting pipes together. There are a number of available options including arc fusion and electro fusion. We will discuss your needs and identify the right choice for your infrastructure.

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pressure testing and Chlorination Self-Lay Provider in London and Hertfordshire


Pressure Testing and Chlorination

Versatile Utilities can undertake all pressure tests in accordance with regulations and provide you with necessary certification. We can also complete all chlorination, discharge and flushing tests, to ensure all of your infrastructure is in the excellent working order.

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Why Choose Versatile Utilities

Expert Reinstatements

Excavations and pipe renewals can have a serious impact on your landscape. Our team will ensure that the reinstatements of excavations closely match the existing surface including tarmac, concrete and blocks.

Insured and Accredited

We have public liability insurance up to £5 million and employer liability up to £10 million. All of our employees are WIAPS trained and qualified in EUSR moling, deep excavation as well as water mains and service laying.

Trenchless Technology

We make use of the latest processes and methods including no-dig trenchless technology. This reduces work and disruption, which will save you significant time and money.




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Where We Cover

Versatile Utilities is based in Hertfordshire. We serve surrounding areas including London, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties.


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Please get in touch with us at Versatile Utilities if you are looking for a reliable groundwork, water mains and self-lay provider in Hertfordshire and the Home Counties.

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