No Dig Technology


No Dig Technology

Excavations are often expensive and highly disruptive. However, advances in technology mean that pipes and ducting can be installed and repaired without digging up the ground. Trenchless technology can be used for a range of purposes including directional drilling, impact moling and rock drilling. No dig technology is suitable for all sites including road, airport and SSSI projects.

No dig technology is especially useful in restoring cracks, holes and fractures. In many instances, this technology will enable us to replace the lining and extend the life of the drainage system with minimal disruption. If the drain line has collapsed, this won’t be possible. Our engineers will carefully inspect your system and ascertain whether you can take advantage of no dig technology.

No dig technology is a way to reduce social costs and the environmental impact. It also offers economic alternatives to traditional open cut methods of repair, renewal, or installation.

These methods are only as successful as the training, comprehensive site survey, planning, equipment selection, and material selection. For surveying or location inspection, advanced techniques like radio/electromagnetic detection, sonar, CCTV, laser profiling, ground probing radar, GIS and mapping and multi-sensory robots are used.


What is no dig technology suitable for?

No-dig pipe relining can be used for any type of pipework. It is recommended for pipes with a diameter greater than 75mm. No-dig relining requires minimal disruption and takes much less time than excavation and repair. Relining is not possible if the drain line is damaged, deformed, or has been displaced.

No dig technology can also be used to fit patch liners, which are used to repair cracks, holes and fractures as part of drain repairs. This trenchless technology can be used to install full-length liners in many locations to prolong the life of drainage systems. It eliminates the need to excavate the lines and replace them completely. This technology is an asset for both repair and installation.


You will have less hassle and costs

No-dig repairs are cost-effective, especially if the drain connection is not below an extension. No dig technology eliminates the mess and waste that comes with digging and excavation.


Drain Relining

Trenchless technology is used to rehabilitate and restore the drainage system. This method is popular with customers who live in residential properties as well as highway construction agencies that use it on the primary drains of roads.


CCTV and No Dig Technologies

The CCTV site survey continues as the camera moves upstream and downstream along the pipeline, recording the distance from the starting point. Additional information such as date and time can be recorded and displayed on the screen. The CCTV records structural anomalies as well as other useful observations.

It depends on the relevance of the CCTV survey whether a pipeline needs to be cleaned before it is subject to inspection. It is best to inspect a sewerage system without cleaning it, in order to assess both its structural and service condition. However, it is a good idea to clean the pipeline before a structural state survey is necessary.

We also provide a full multi-utility option of WaterGas, and Electric.